As a trusted team of professional underground cable locators, Cairns Asset Locations have access to the latest plans from all the authorities. While you might have site plans already, it’s important to know that their accuracy can change over time. So, before you start digging, give Cairns Asset Locations a call. We’re the experts in all facets of underground asset and Cairns cable locating services. Our qualified staff, combined with our array of industry-leading tools and technology, enable us to accurately locate underground cables no matter where they may be.

This knowledge and expertise is complemented by our sister company Clarke Civils, and their extensive experience installing communication cables and optical fiber for the telecommunications industry. This enables us to provide a one-stop-shop service to public and private clients. If you need to locate underground cables in Cairns, or anywhere across North Queensland and Cape York Peninsula, you can trust Cairns Asset Locations to get the job done. We are Dial Before You Dig and Telstra certified. Call (07) 4045 4247 or

Cairns Underground Utility Locators

Dial Before You Dig and Telstra certified


We use the latest in ground penetrating radar and electronical locators, to map the exact location of underground cables in a variety of terrains.


Nationally certified, we guarantee high quality and accuracy in Cairns Asset Locations, providing peace of mind for your excavation projects.


Don’t risk serious injury to your workforce or the community from an avoidable cable strike. Call our team of Cairns cable locators today.


Our team of Cairns cable locator contractors are highly experienced and undertake regular and ongoing training to stay at the forefront of their industry. Our equipment is the latest technology available and includes Metrotech Locators and PinPoint GPR. Our clients include residential and commercial customers, landscapers and larger civil works contractors.

Our process is simple and effective. After an initial site inspection, our Cairns cable locators will determine the best technique to accurately locate the position and alignment of underground cables. A common method used is clamp induction, where clamps are placed on the cable via a service pit and an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pulses along the cable for detection by the locator unit. In instances where there is no direct access to the underground asset, we use the direct connection technique as well as drop box induction, to send EMF waves from the surface to attain depth and alignment readings. Both methods enable us to accurately determine the location and alignment of underground cables.

Our team draws on more than over 50 years’ of combined experience in excavations and laying cable. We’ll provide you with accurate locations and detailed site markings, enabling you to dig safely and with confidence.

Cairns Cable Locator Contractors

Professional Cairns cable locator contractors


About to start excavation works? Need to confirm exactly what is underground? Contact our team of Cairns cable locator contractors for a free quote on your requirements today. We have the proven expertise at quickly and precisely locating underground cables, so you can complete your project with confidence. Even in sites with high congestion or deep utilities, we have the technology and knowhow to guarantee accurate site plans for your project.

Cairns Asset Locators are your essential first step: call us before you dig, drill or grade. We provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that your project can run efficiently, avoiding costly mistakes from damaging unexpected underground assets and – above all – ensuring a safe, injury-free workplace for your staff and wider community.

Cairns Cable Locator Contractors

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