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Cairns Asset Locations was founded by Terry and Yanneke Clarke, who also own and operate Clarke Civils. This locally owned and family operated company have a wealth of expertise when it comes to the communications and civil construction industry, making Cairns Asset Locations the experts when it comes to cable and utility locating, exposing and hydro excavations. Clients include commercial, private and government organizations, located across North Queensland.

At Cairns Asset Locations we employ the latest in high-tech electronic locator instruments and up-to-date training, to provide the highest degree of asset location accuracy in all terrains. We offer a deep understanding and knowledge of the telecommunications and electrical industries, which underpin our commitment to quality and safety. Owner Terry Clarke and Project Manager Paul Beaton, boast over 30 years’ of combined experience in the communications industry, providing expert advice in asset location across the Cairns region and beyond. Contact us today and ask how we can help on 0448 157 227 or

Cairns Asset Locations

Dial Before You Dig and Telstra certified


Nationally certified to guarantee high quality and accuracy in Cairns asset locating services.


Local knowledge to quickly and professionally complete asset locations in all terrain.


Backed by extensive industry experience and high-tech tools to locate underground assets.


Anyone can buy ground penetrating radar equipment, but you don’t want just anyone responsible for your excavation project’s safety and cost efficiency. Cairns Asset Locators are fully certified with the nationally-recognized Dial Before You Dig program, having completed a comprehensive and rigorous set of theoretical and practical assessments to establish our expertise and provide peace of mind to our clients.

Without the guarantee of an asset locator’s skills or experience, asset owners and contractors run a very real risk of asset damage and workplace injuries during excavations. Cairns Asset Locators operate in accordance with the Dial Before You Dig duty of care obligations to undertake safe, accurate and efficient asset locating throughout Cairns, the Tablelands and Cape York Peninsula. We are Telstra Certified, and backed by comprehensive quality assurance, occupational health and safety and environmental management systems which comply with the relevant ISO standards.

Cairns Asset Locations

We're The Experienced Professionals


Cairns Asset Locators have a trusted network of clients across government departments, civil works contractors and private owners for whom safety, quality and cost are critical to the successful completion of any excavation project. Our more than 50 years’ telecommunications industry experience and commitment to quality locating services, combined with our sister company Clarke Civils, enables us to offer a full-service to our clients. From advice on utility plans, electronic asset locating, exposing cables and utilities using hydro excavation techniques and full excavation services. Call us today on 0448 157 227 or to discuss your asset locating and exposing needs.

Cairns Asset Locations

The People, Equipment & Expertise

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  • Water Mains
  • Fibre Optic Cables
  • Sewerage Lines
  • Stormwater Drains
  • Communications Cables
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Lost Cable Boxes
  • Water & Tap Feeds
  • Electricity Cables
  • Gas Lines
  • Conduits
  • Irrigation

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